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Sic Bo Options for the Best Affordable Prices

It’s not just the bet limits that get higher – the quality of play does, too. Live casino Sic Bo is probably the best way to make risky stakes lots of fun. Since there are no cards and no particular strategies, you can just focus on the dice.


Some casinos offer a bet that they total will be odd or even, with triples losing. This works out exactly the same as the Small/Big bets and yields a House Edge of 2.78%. This is a bet that a single number will come up on at least two dice.

Is there anything I need to play Sic Bo Online?

While these results may seem the same, they are actually possibly consistent of different dice. There is also a game called, “Three Dice Football,” but again, the fact that game uses three dice is really the only way that it can be compared to Sic Bo. Aurum Multipliers affect on all bet areas except one-die Number Bet, Big, Small, Odd, Even and Any Double bets. The playing interface comes in two formats depending on the quality of the connection you have. The full screen mode, as it’s suggests shows everything on one screen. If your favourite number is 6, you place a bet on every betting position that contains the number 6, or where the sum of the numbers is 6.

  • Try to opt for tables offering a sixty-five to one option as these result in a house edge of 8.33%.
  • For instance, a total of 9 will not win when a double of 1 is achieved, and a total of 12 will not be a winner if a double of 6 is achieved.
  • 3) You can bet that the same number from 1 to 6 will appear on all three dice, such as either a 1,1,1 or 2,2,2 or 3,3,3 or 4,4,4 or 5,5,5 or 6,6,6.
  • Again, things improve in Australia, this will become a theme.
  • Instead of picking one or the other, the best move would be to combine them.

Sic Bo is possibly one of the oldest games known to man, in which players bet on the outcome of a three dice roll. While its exact origin is not known, it is believed that it has been played in China for thousands of years. The Sic Bo table layout may be a little overwhelming at first but worry not. This is because Sic Bo is actually an easy game to play once you know the types of bets you can make in the game. The Dealer Rolls the Three Dice – After all of the players at the table have made their bets, the dealer will roll the three dice. They will do so either by hand or using a professional electromagnetic dice roller.

Hotsale Casino Sic Bo Wooden Dice Shaker Gambling Dice Cup with Plastic Dice

Also, we’ve seen quite a lot of exciting bonuses, so there’s also extra value to be gained. Rarely anyone talks about Malaysia, even though it has one of the most active live Sic Bo scenes, not just in Asia, but the entire world, as well. The proximity factor plays a big role in the game’s popularity amongst Malay players. A long time ago, the Chinese showed them the wonders of Sic Bo, and the game became an integral part of their gambling culture as a whole. Ince the arrival of online gambling in Australia, brands both big and small have joined the party, all providing tables from different providers.

Will tend to offer the best Sic Bo games, if they have them at all. The reason why is that these two software manufacturers have adjusted their payouts such that as many bets as possible have the same House Edge as do the Even Money bets. Naturally, you can’t change the probabilities, so they did that by increasing the payouts significantly. Even with that, Sic Bo is loved by a good many people, particularly Asian gamblers. It can also be something of a social game if most of the table is betting the same way.

We believe that you should experiment with them until you find the one that you like the most. Just keep in mind that each Sic Bo online game will have a unique RTP. At the start of each play, you will need to announce your wager by placing your chips on the part of the table that corresponds to the bet that you would like to make. Once you place a chip on the mat the spot you choose tells the dealer what bid you are making and payouts if you win. Below you can find a calculator to allow you to check the fairness of your wins/losses when playing Sic Bo.

During the round, the players are given the opportunity to bet on all the possible outcomes. Gambling is a risk based activity – the entertainment value is directly derived from the risks being taken. If you are concerned about your gambling you may find that our free responsible gambling tool BetBlocker useful to help manage when you can access gambling services. Single dice – This is a bet that a specific number will be rolled on at least one of the dice. If two or three of the dice show the selected number the payouts increase.

OBJECT OF SIC BO: The object of Sic Bo is to make and win bids

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